The Rules

This map is supposed to be for cyclists. Please do not anything else than markers that represent cyclists. No Warmshowers-Host, No Bike-Shops - only cyclists.

The Layers

There are two layers. Please try to put the cyclists who finished their trip in the layer "Cyclists back at home". This can be done best on a computer. You need to click on the cyclist in the list (not on the map). Than click again and hold the mouse-button, drag it to the other layer and drop it there.

Let us know

The map is there to keep the community connected and provide a platform for links to social media or just for telling people who you are. So please add some information when creating a cyclist. Entries that just get a name and a marker don't make sense at all. Leave at least an email address or a mobile number.

Be careful!

As long as the source/base of this map is a Google "MyMap" everybody can edit the map (this is on purpose). So please take care about who you tell about this map. Deleting a layer for example can't be undone. It's simply gone forever. The whole map can be restored - but not a layer! Also be careful when editing the map. It happens that you move cyclists by accident, especially when working on the map with a tiny display.