Edit & Create Cyclists

Editing the map will get more convenient in the near future. Check our roadmap for more info.

Option 1: ask the admin (recommended)

Since a lot of cyclists experienced problems when trying to create or update cyclists we now provide a simple and semi-automated process. Just click on update or create and fill out the forms. Your changes will be submitted to an admin (who normally reacts very fast). Your changes will then usually be online within the next 24h.

Update existing cyclist »

Add a new cyclist »

Option 2: use the App "MyMaps" (Andoid only)

Google provides an App called "MyMaps" and it's quite convenient to edit the map with this App. But there are some drawbacks too. The app isn't very stable and it's only available for Android.

If you want to give it a try then you need to download the app and ask us for an invitation. You need to get invited to the map in order the get the cyclists-map appear in the list of your personal maps. To get invited you need to pass us the email address you are using for your Google account.

It needs to be the Email you are using when using GoogleApps.

Option 3: open the map in GoogleMaps (recommended if using a laptop)

Everybody can edit the map just by open it in GoogleMaps. Click the link and the map will open in GoogleMaps. If you know how, you can easily create new cyclists, move cyclists around and update their details. BUT: especially on mobile devices it's very hard to do so. GoogleMaps is not very handy on mobiles and some actions are just a pain to be done on a small screen. It's easy on a "real" computer such as a laptop or maybe also on a Tablet-Computer. Be careful: just use the layers, don't create new layers and even more important: Don't delete any layers!!! It's not possible to restore them!!!

Here you can read how to use it: Tutorial

Here is the Link: Cyclists Map in GoogleMaps